Our skills :

Beyond a full service of aircraft painting, each one of the following work could be performed independently :

Stripping, sanding down or light sanding

Stripping, sanding down or light sanding. According to the past of the aircraft and to the requirements of our clients, the treatment before painting could be different.

Remaking of P.R. joints

Remaking of P.R. joints is achieved after stripping.

Interior painting

Interior painting, according to the airlines livery, involve some cabin equipments.

Exterior painting & decoration

Exterior painting and decoration which are important aspects of the airlines image.

Technical markings


Polishing allow the aircraft to recover its original brightness when the paint has been prematurely tarnished.

Rectifications & repairs

Rectifications and repairs could be achieved on a one-off basis.

Technical cleaning

Depending on maintenance activities, the aircraft may need technical cleaning

Whatever the result you want to reach, please feel free to contact us for any information.