Our service :

We tailor our work to suit our clients flexibility.

AIR P.A. provide efficient and cost-effective paint jobs for airlines and maintenance companies for all kind of aircraft. Our activities take place during the aircraft check in order to coordinate the maintenance operations with the best efficiency. The painting can also be achieved independently in the case of a new livery. According to the request of our clients, the service includes the stripping of the aircraft or only a light sanding.

AIR P.A. teams move to our clients

Our teams move to our clients to avoid expensive aircraft transfers. Conscious of revenue loss of grounded aircraft, we tailor our work to suit our clients flexibility. If required, our teams work over nights and at weekends.

Nous fournissons le matériel

In addition to AIR P.A. staff know-how, we provide the appropriate tooling, individual protection, paint, consumable as well as technical markings and adhesive decoration when required. Our equipment match our clients highest requirements regarding aircraft manufacturers recommendations.

Any kind of hangar

AIR P.A. operations suit any type of maintenance facilities. The hangars are fully protected before painting with airtight plastics, moreover we use a powerful extractor to filter and remove paint dust.

The highest quality

Regarding our clients testimonials, AIR P.A. guarantee a high quality result. After the activity is completed we deliver an approval certificate.
Finally, our clients are asked to fill in a satisfaction form. Following the most recent aeronautical requirements, paint work is achieved as regards of maintenance companies PART 145 approved certification.