Our know how:

A 15-year experience in the aircraft painting industry for AIR P.A. clients.


Ersun ARSLAN, AIR P.A. manager and founder, has 15-year experience in the aircraft painting industry, spanning over 400 aircraft painted for airlines and manufacturers.
Now, Ersun ARSLAN applies this unique know-how in the aircraft painting requirements for AIR P.A.’s clients.

Examples of AIR P.A. production


The best quality

All our staff has a significant experience in the aircraft industry and maintenance. Painting, stripping or sanding an aircraft require a rare know-how. Thus, AIR P.A. is pleased to count on the performance of its teams. Painting an aircraft represents, with the eyes of our customers but also of the passengers, the visible part of the maintenance. As a consequence, we always look for the highest quality, AIR P.A. ask the best from its staff.

Respect of allotted time

Beyond the quality, the satisfaction of our clients goes with the respect of allotted time. Thus, our activity is planned with the best flexibility regarding all the maintenance work.

Our production

As a recognition for our work, several maintenance companies in Europe regularly entrust us with numerous painting jobs. Their clients are manufacturer or airlines. As well for short services, like a decoration, as for a full aircraft sanding and painting, we are solicited for any kind of aircraft.